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Hi Human Visitor, I'm glad you're here. My name is Selena Pere, I'm a Designer, Illustrator, and a Maker based in Paris area. Fond of mechanisms and interactions, my practice is located between the fields of Graphic and Product Design with a little bit of electronics.
Here are my projects :
◆ Vocolutions Dissologiques part. 1 Research on games/tools for breath rehabilitation in a speech therapy context. Realised with : Théo Bourdon See more ►
◆ Vocolutions Dissologiques part. 2 Research on the typographic forms of the voice, in order to visualize it, in a speech therapy context. See more ►
◆ Hortus Gardinus Degenerative Type program on Processing. Realised with : Théo Bourdon, Justine Vivier, Caroline Poincloux, Jenifer Tytgat See more ►
◆ La Box Fait Son Cinéma Monthly Illustrations related to classical movies. See more ►
◆ Tubull'air Collective game controlled by breathe, setted-up during the D'Days Festival in 2017. Realised with : Charline Noloy, Jenifer Tytgat See more ►
◆ Aux Berges Rubber stamp box for writing recipes, and a type system inspired by calligraphic gesture. Realised with : Christophe Oulab, Léa Giroux, Clémence Leconte, Marie Marshal See more ►
◆ Quinoa Paris One-piece leather baskets. Realised with : Sasha Roudet, Stéphanie Louison See more ►
◆ Le Cinématographe Cardboard cinematograph. See more ►
Let's talk.
I'm always looking for projects and collaborations.
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